Founder's Story

Roving Through Life With An Undeniable ProvidenceThe Journey so far…
Devesh Narula


Devesh Narula is a virtuoso in the discipline of Business Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, providing viable solutions in these domains for nearly a decade. He has effectively pursued many National and International ventures in diverse geographies, connecting with multifarious patrons. CorpoClimb is an expert initiative started by him that orchestrates programmes and deliverables for Organizations, Employees, and Learners.
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Unfolding my story....
Devesh, the creator of CorpoClimb was born with the DNA of a nature enthusiast. He grew up with a pearl of perennial wisdom in connection to nature and humanity, learning to conceptualize healthy and simple living in the bosom of existence.

Riveted to explore the immense knowledge hidden in the landscapes & societies, he would often skip the geographical boundaries with a zestful leap to bring back an insight of different cultures, food, languages, and religions. It was important to know how humans relate to their planet. During his snoopy wanderings, he met people from various domains and expanded his circle of friends and comrades in a meaningful way. Networking is the way to live and understanding people renders new perspectives to life! His path unfolded with this comprehension.

Musing over the nature of the universe, he felt that life could be complete only when approached in a multidisciplinary manner. Eager to explore how humans, environment, and technology could interact for their larger benefits, he probed his way across various disciplines by studying environmental sciences, IT engineering & sustainability. Yet, education for him is a sublime concept worth refining. It is explored with natural phenomena& wondrous evolutions of science and skillfully staged with the use of appropriate technology.